Compressed Bio Gas / Bio CNG

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what is bio cng ?

  • Purified & Compressed Bio Gas is also known as Bio CNG
  • It mainly consists of Flamable Green Methane Gas.
  • It is renewable source of energy.
  • It is a better fuel that LPG, DIesel Etc.
  • Use of Bio Gas gives extra savings.
  • There is no pollution.
  • It is totally a green & clean gas.

Uses & applications of bio cng ?

  • It is used for Cooking at Restaurants, Dhabas, Canteens, Gurudwaras etc
  • For heating in industries like Polymer Industries, Iron Equipment Makers etc.
  • Future needs Bio CNG as a Vehicular Fuel.


  1. We provide Bio CNG cascades which contain gas upto 200 Kg.
  2. We will work closely to provide delivery at you Gas at your site.
  3. Emergency Backup will also be provided.
  4. There is no extra investment at your end.
  5. We only charge for the Bio Gas Consumed.

BENEFITS of bio cng ?

  • HIGHER CALORIFIC VALUE / HEATING CAPACITY: Bio Gas has a higher calorifc value that the most commonly used fuels like LPG, Diesel, Firewood etc.
  • BULK QUANTITY SINGLE CYLINDER KIT : We provide Bio CNG in large kits of capacity upto 200 KG.
  • HIGH PRESSURE TILL END : Bio CNG offers higher pressure and reduces the cooking time.
  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY AT WORK : Reduced cooking time will increase the efficiency of your work.
  • NO FREEZING DURING WINTERS : There is no freezing of gas in the stove during winters.
  • NO LEFTOVER GAS IN CYLINDER : Pressure gauge measures the available gas. You are charged for only the gas you use.
  • NO CHANCE OF GAS THEFT BY LABOUR : In many cases it has been reported that Indutries and Restaurants have cases of theft from LPG. Being a large capacity cascade there is no chance of theft for BIO CNG
  • CLEAN AND GREEN GAS : Bio Cng is a renewable source of energy. It is purified and healthy for cooking.
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