Get to know about Arc Bio Fuel Pvt Ltd

Arc Bio Fuel Bio Gas and Bio Organic Manure India


Providing Green Bio Gas to minimize use of fossil fuels  & Organic Inputs for Chemical Free Healthy Farming.


To Increase supply of Green Energy & Farming Solutions in North India Region, in the next 5 Years.

About the Company

Arc Bio Fuel Pvt Ltd was established in 2014 and came into working in 2016. Arc Bio Fuel Pvt Ltd is located at Village Handiaya, Barnala. Arc Bio Fuel is a State of Art 5000 Cubic Meter Bio Gas Bottling & Manure Plant. We are one of the rarest producers of Purified & Compressed Bio Gas and Organic Compost Manure.

Arc Bio Fuel has started a new revolution in Farming by providing farmers with doorstep-easy solutions for organic farming. We have been continuously working forward to produce a High Quality Natural Organic inputs and make the process of application easy for farmers. 

Our Team

Sahil is the Managing Director of the project. He holds a Degree in Masters in Business Administration. He has been working very hard for the success of this project. He has a strong mechanical mind which works endlessly for the betterment of this project.

Abhinav is the Sales & Marketing Head of the Project. He joined the project in 2016, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. In two years,he has worked very intelligently to promote organic products of the company. With a revolutionary approach, he has helped the project & the farmers to start a new chapter in the book of Farming.

Mobile: +91-9041000667

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